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Elections to elect members to the Galaxy Soccer Club Board of Directors will be held during the next Board of Directors meeting on December 16, 2019, 7:00 PM-8:30 PM, at the Clay Madsen Recreation Center, located at 1600 Gattis School Road, Round Rock, Texas, 78664.  

There are 4 positions up for election, all of which will have a term of 2 years.  


Anyone in the club can be nominated or can nominate himself or herself for the election. The 4 nominees who receive the most votes at the meeting will be elected to the Board.  The Board members will subsequently vote among themselves to determine offices.

In addition, the Board will consider the inclusion of 4 additional positions on the Board.  Two of the new positions will be elected for a 2-year term, while the other 2 will be be elected for a 1-year term.  This will ensure that 6 Board positions will be up for election on odd years, while 5 positions will be up for election on even years.  If approved, the Board will consist of 11 members and the following offices:

  • President (Executive Member)

  • Vice-President (Executive Member)

  • Secretary (Executive Member)

  • Treasurer (Executive Member)

  • Director of Operations (Executive Member)

  • PARD Liaison

  • Referee Coordinator

  • CAYSA Representative

  • Public Relations and Communications

  • Uniforms Coordinator

  • Fundraising Coordinator

Click the button below to submit one or more nominations.


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