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The youth soccer system is a little confusing, to say the least. We don’t have the space here to try to explain it all, but we did want to address one or two aspects that pertain to Galaxy.

All of our teams this season will be playing at the equivalent of “D1” soccer, which is the 3rd level of Select soccer (above D2 and S2). This level of Select soccer is further divided into various brackets or “flights”, and what these flights are called depends on which league you are playing in.

There are two primary leagues for D1 soccer where we are: Western District Division One Association, or WDDOA; and US Club Soccer, or USC.

In WDDOA, there are 3 competition flights for D1, with the lowest level being called Alpha, followed by Challenger, and finally Prime.

In USC, there are 4 competition flights for D1, with the lowest level being called USCW-D, then USCW-C, USCW-B, and finally USCW-A.

The Galaxy Soccer Club will have three teams playing in WDDOA (07B, 01G, and 00B) and the rest playing in USC. Although the registration process is still ongoing, we do not expect any of our teams to compete at a level lower than WDDOA-Challenger or USCW-B.

If you have any other questions or concerns about WDDOA or USC, or about what level your team will be playing, please ask your coach or send an e-mail to

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