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Galaxy 01G Sweeps LSC 01G White South

The Galaxy 01G team capped off a four-game winning streak this past Sunday with their biggest win to date.

The streak began in mid-October with a narrow 2-1 victory over Sting SA at 5 Mile Dam, followed by a solid 4-2 win the next day over DJCT at the NEMP fields. After a one-week break, the girls traveled to San Antonio to again face off against Sting SA. Due to individual scheduling flukes and injuries, neither team was able to field a full 11 squad, but the game went on, resulting in a 7-0 sweep by Galaxy.

On Sunday, the team arrived at NEMP to play against Lonestar 01G White South. Although the Galaxy girls were able to field a full 11, continuing issues with injuries meant they would have to play with no substitutes. Fortunately, the weather was cool and breezy, and the girls were in both good shape and spirits to go toe to toe against the Lonestar girls for the full game – and it showed! After a slow opening, the Galaxy girls quickly picked up steam and repeatedly demonstrated a faster game of play and a greater hunger for the ball. The first half ended with a 4-0 lead for Galaxy and the second half was even more lopsided, resulting in a final score of 9-0.

Kudos to all the players for maintaining good sportsmanship! Fouls were kept at a minimum and nobody gave up or played down. In addition, the supporters on both sides were polite and never stopped providing their players with positive encouragement.

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