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Election Results

The Galaxy Soccer Club held its annual members meeting on December 18 and elected a new board of directors. Following the general meeting, the new directors met in an executive session and voted on officers. In addition, the directors determined which directors would serve a truncated one-year term in order to establish staggered elections, as per the bylaws. As a result, these directorships will open up for election in 2018, after which their term of office will be two years.

The results are as follows:

  • President: Richard Casseus (2-year term)

  • Vice-President: Mustapha Fardjallah (2-year term)

  • Secretary: Kyle Patrick (2-year term)

  • Treasurer: Marwan Hasbani (1-year term)

  • Director of Operations: Anora Leblanc (1-year term)

  • Director at Large: Kim Whitlock (2-year term)

  • Director at Large: Gary Griffin (1-year term)

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