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Galaxy 03B Team Kicks off the Spring with a Win

Winter break is over and it’s time to get back to playing soccer. After a three-month hiatus, the 03B Blue team took the pitch again today against Classics Elite 03B White. This is their second match up this season, with their first game having been played in San Antonio back in October. That game had ended in a 3-1 victory for Galaxy. Would the Galaxy boys be able to pull off another victory?

The weather was promising – cool, a little overcast, and a bit of a breeze – but the first half was not so promising. The boys seemed rusty, with a lot of errant passes to the opposing team. Neither goalie saw a lot of action, as most of the half seemed to be played in the mid-field area. Still, there were a few attacks on both sides that could have been dangerous, but never amounted to anything. As a result, the half ended 0-0.

Galaxy came onto the field in the second half with more energy. Apparently, the coach put some fire into them. They began dominating possession and spending more time on the opposing side’s defensive third. At one point, when our striker’s attempt to penetrate the middle was thwarted, he passed back to one of the mid-fielders, who took a touch and sent a big shot into the back of the net before the goalie could get back into position.

With a one-point lead, the Galaxy boys began taking more time to build numbers for their attacks, set up plays, and penetrate the opposing team’s defense. Their patience would eventually pay off, with two more unanswered goals before the final whistle.

Next up is the Lions 03B Red team, the current bracket leaders. The Galaxy boys will definitely need to bring their A game, and I think they’re up for the challenge. Unfortunately, they will have to wait an entire month. Darn that Spring Break!!

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