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Galaxy 00B at the President's Cup

The Galaxy 00 Boys team had a wild start to the 2018 President’s Cup this past weekend. On Saturday, they traveled to the San Marcos 5 Mile Dam fields to take on MSK Rayados 00B Red. The two teams had met last September as part of the WDDOA Challenger regular season, which had ended with a 2-1 victory for Rayados. This time, the Galaxy boys took an early 1-0 lead but suffered a major setback when their goalie was handed a controversial red card for allegedly handling the ball outside the box. Rayados tied up the game with a successful penalty kick off of the red card and then took advantage of their 11 v 10 edge to push their lead to 3-1. The Galaxy boys dug deep, though, and rallied to a 4-3 victory, despite the fact that they lost an additional player to an injury and finished off the game playing down two players.

On Sunday, the Galaxy 00 Boys returned to San Marcos to take on the Gurus 00 Boys team, and things looked grim at the start. Injuries and scheduling problems resulted in Galaxy showing up with only 7 players. The Gurus capitalized on their 11 v 7 advantage, pouncing early and often to seize a healthy lead. The Galaxy boys, however, didn’t give up. Instead, they launched a ferocious offensive during the second half, scoring enough times to end the game with a 4-4 tie.

The Galaxy 00 Boys’ next President’s Cup game will be next weekend against the Brownsville OYSA Nido Aguila 00 Boys team.

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