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Galaxy 01G Wins 2018 STX President's Cup State Championship

It’s been an exciting President’s Cup tournament for the Galaxy 01G team, and it’s about to get even more exciting as they prepare to play in the Southern Region Championship in South Carolina during the week of June 12-17.

The President’s Cup South Texas State Championship Tournament began in a promising fashion on Saturday morning, May 19, at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, with a fierce duel between Galaxy and their old rival, Liverpool FC CTX 01G Gerrard. During the regular season, Liverpool had handed Galaxy two resounding defeats, so the Galaxy girls were definitely looking to make amends. However, after 90 minutes, neither team could find the back of the net and the game ended 0-0. Both teams then proceeded to demolish their next opponents, with Galaxy defeating Brownsville OYSA United 01G (4-1) and Liverpool defeating Lonestar SC 01G White North (5-2).

Coming into Sunday, both teams were veritably tied at almost every level (points, head-to-head, goal differential). However, the two goals conceded by Liverpool against Lonestar gave Galaxy a slight edge in the event of a tiebreaker. This meant that if Galaxy could defeat Lonestar 3-0 or better in their Sunday match-up, then it didn’t matter how well Liverpool did against Brownsville.

Unfortunately, Sunday refused to cooperate. Thunderstorms moved in and lingered, and the lightning caused delay after delay. To try to squeeze all the games in once the storms passed, officials first reduced games to 30-minute halves and then, as the delays continued, to 20-minute halves. Finally, the word went out that all unplayed games would be decided by penalty kicks. There was a lot of unhappiness in the parking lot at that decision, and not a few people silently prayed for more lightning.

As the complex opened back up, the teams began to move toward the fields to prepare for their shoot-outs. Then, prayers were answered: More lightning flashed dangerously close, mandating another delay. This time, though, tournament officials decided enough was enough and called everything off. The games would just have to be rescheduled. While the Liverpool-Brownsville match was scheduled for the following Sunday, Galaxy’s matchup against Lonestar was rescheduled for Thursday evening at the Town and Country fields in Austin.

On Thursday, the weather was perfect and the Galaxy girls were hungry for a big win, a hunger that was strengthened by the fact that Lonestar showed up with only nine players. Throughout the first half, Galaxy dominated possession and gave Lonestar only a few opportunities to counterattack with long-ball passes to their big striker. In the second half, Galaxy used their numbers and the width of the field to control the ball and launch a relentless series of attacks on the Lonestar defense. By the time the final whistle blew, Galaxy had their 3-0 victory and their maximum 10 points, and they were relieved that they wouldn’t have to wait till Sunday to find out whether they were going through to the next round or not.

In two weeks, the Galaxy 01G team will be traveling to South Carolina for the week-long regional championship. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the girls pay for transportation and lodging. Anyone interested in helping with a donation, no matter how small, should click on the link below:

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