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Galaxy 01G Draws First Blood in South Carolina

Late Monday evening, the Galaxy 01G team set off with their families on the club’s charter bus to start the trek to the South Region Presidents Cup Championship in Greenville, South Carolina.  About 20 hours later, we rolled into the hotel parking lot, tired but in good spirits.  After a good dinner and a team meeting, it was off to an early bed to try to get enough sleep for their first game at 8 am.

After waking up at 5:30 am and grabbing a complimentary breakfast, everybody rode the bus to the nearby MESA Soccer Complex, itching to get things started right against their first opponents, the Dynamo Juniors Elite of Louisiana

And that’s exactly what the Galaxy girls did.     They dominated first-half possession and launched several dangerous attacks, ending the half with a 1-0 lead.  They extended that lead to 2-0 before conceding a goal late in the second half.  Galaxy regained control, though, and almost racked up several more goals.  At the end, though, the final score remained 2-1.

The girls have been taking it easy the rest of today in preparation for their second game tomorrow at 2:00 pm, NUSA Maroon from Tennessee.


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