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Galaxy Teams Stand Out During Cup Tournaments

The Galaxy Soccer Club had a good showing at the cup tournaments the past couple of weekends.

On the weekend of April 6-7, the 08 girls stormed through their two opponents, 4-0 and 3-1, during their South Texas Cup run. The third game was rained out and was rescheduled for April 14. It was a tough game between two very good teams, and things were all tied up by the end of regulation time. The game was then decided on penalty kicks and, unfortunately, the other team was able to score more goals, ending our girls’ road to South Texas Cup victory. They have had a great season, though, and should be proud of what they achieved. They're definitely winners in our book.

Meanwhile, the 03 boys traveled to San Antonio this past weekend in their bid to advance to the Director’s Cup state championship. The weather was at first uncooperative, and their Saturday morning game got moved to Sunday. Once the storm clouds had passed, they were able to play and win their first game in the afternoon, 2-1, before fighting a very tough opponent in the evening for a 0-0 result. Early the next morning, they returned to the fields and again fought a tough opponent to a 0-0 finale. Advancement to the semi-finals was based on points, though, and unfortunately the 03 boys were two points short of being able to move on. A disappointing conclusion but the boys can hold their head high knowing that they didn’t lose a game and only gave up one goal.

Also during the weekend, the 02 girls traveled to the Mission City fields south of San Antonio as part of their Director’s Cup bid. Because there were only three teams at this age level, the winner of the bracket would also be the South Texas Director’s Cup State Champion. The 02 girls’ first game was interrupted by rainstorms, but enough of it had been played that the officials called the game, resulting in a 0-0 tie. Once the weather had cleared, the 02 girls returned to the fields to demolish their opponent, 5-0. They would have to wait until Sunday’s game between their two rivals before finding out who would take the cup. That game ended in a 4-0 victory, allowing our 02 girls to take the cup championship based on number of goals scored. So way to go, girls!

We have two other teams waiting for their opportunity to compete in cup tournaments. The 07 Boys Red team are also playing the Director’s Cup, but their weekend games in Manor got rained out. In addition, the 01 girls will be competing in the State Cup. Both sets of games are scheduled to be played during the weekend of April 27-28.

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