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Why Go Galaxy?

Development First

The Galaxy Soccer Club's training program emphasizes development of the player as an individual and as a member of a team.  The program's success can be seen in the way its teams consistently improve over a single season and develop from DII levels of competition to D1. 

Possession Over Direct Attack

While there will always be a place for direct attack in any team's arsenal, the Galaxy training program emphasizes good ball control, passing, and teamwork rather than an over-reliance on sending deep balls to a fast striker.

Giving the Game Back to the Player

The Galaxy Soccer Club rejects game-day micromanagement or "joysticking" in favor of a style of coaching that encourages the player to think on their feet and solve problems on their own.

Players Before Profits

At Galaxy, we pride ourselves in placing our players over profits, but without sacrificing quality.  We constantly look for ways to save money for our parents while improving the club experience. 

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